Our Homewise Team


"Our goal is to bring a better mortgage experience to every home buyer in Canada." - Jesse Abrams, CEO 


Homewise was created to provide Canadians with a better mortgage process that finally puts them first. Our team is made up of financial services, technology and consumer experience experts, who have worked in the mortgage industry many years. We were also recent first-time home buyers and know that the current ways to get a mortgage are outdated, inefficient and rarely have the home buyer’s best interests in mind. There had to be a better way and that is why we built Homewise.

Homewise has a simple online mortgage process that uses human language, helpful content and access to our tech-powered professionals at every step. Further, we do the work for our users, negotiating with our large list of lenders to find them a great mortgage that meets their unique needs, saving them time and most important money. Importantly, Homewise is completely free for our users. 


By using technology, we create a better experience for our users, while enabling us to cut our costs and therefore save them money.  


Our team is changing the face of the home buyer marketplace and will help people across Canada move into their home easily, confidently and with extra money in their pocket. We are dedicated to working with you to find you a great mortgage.

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