What Documents are Needed for a Mortgage?

Jesse Abrams - December 30, 2017, 2:14 pm

Documentation for all Transactions

Employment Verification Not all lenders have the same requirements for documentation, however, the following lists out the documents that are usually mandatory and need to be provided:

For a self-employed individual the following may be required:

Photo Identification - Your security is integral to us. We require a Photo ID to confirm the identity of the applicant (borrower). Lenders will have this as a requirement. 

Divorce/Separation Agreement (if applicable) - The Divorce/Separation Agreement overviews the terms and conditions of the divorce or separation. It will usually include any payments required for alimony.

Child Support Order/Agreement (if applicable) - The Child Support Order/Agreement overviews the terms of conditions of child support. This includes any required payments. 


Specific Documentation for a Purchase

List of documentation that is usually required when a borrower is purchasing a home:


Documentation for a Refinance, Switch and Equity take-Out

List of documentation that is usually required when a client is refinancing his or her current mortgage, taking equity out of his or her property or switching lenders on renewal:


Other Potential Documentation 

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